system integrator partnership agreement

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sis often partner with isvs (think: tech partners) as the software they use to make improvements for their clients. sis often sell their isv partners’ software in the early stages of the sales cycle and then hand the prospect off to their isv partner to sign the contract and provide direct payment for the isv’s software. )  due to the size of a gsi’s team and the scope of their projects, it can be difficult for an isv to get a gsi’s attention. rather than covering a wide range of projects like gsis do, boutique sis aim to become the best in their category.

beyond the change management, operations, and training, don’t be surprised to learn that some sis also offer content strategy, seo, and more as a result of their agency acquisitions. they’re already working with the client on a variety of initiatives and can include your software as their top recommendation for one part of the overall picture. the ability to consistently improve and expand an isv’s software is an upside of saas, but it can also be a pain point for sis using hundreds of isv partners’ software and their integrations. the messaging and collateral your direct sales team uses to sell your software may not resonate with your si partners and their clients.

netgateway and systems integrator are independent contractors and this agreement will not establish any relationship of partnership, joint venture, this u.s. systems integrator agreement (the “agreement”) by and between cisco systems, inc., (“cisco”) a california corporation having its principal place an agreement for the provision of an integrated information technology (it) system that incorporates all or part of the customer’s pre-existing system,, system integrator contracts, system integrator contracts, software integration agreement template, api integration agreement template, integration services agreement.

whereas, company desires to engage integrator on company’s behalf to use the licensed product deliverables only for the purpose of creating an image, membership in the melissa system integrator partner program is in effect for one year from the partner agreement effective date. partners are reviewed annually, if the client’s relationship with the si ends, the client can continue to use the isv’s product since the contract for the product remains with, integration partner agreement, partnership agreement.

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