security trust deed

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the bond trustee shall not be responsible for monitoring the compliance by any of the other transaction parties with their obligations under the transaction documents, neither shall the bond trustee be responsible for monitoring the compliance by either borrower or any of the other parties to the legal mortgages and the security trust deeds of their obligations under the legal mortgages, the security trust deeds or any other document.

security agent means the bond trustee or any successor security agent, acting for and on behalf of the secured parties in accordance with any security agent agreement or any other finance document. bond trustee means the company designated as such in the preamble to these bond terms, or any successor, acting for and on behalf of the bondholders in accordance with these bond terms.

this is a standard form security trust deed. it creates a single security trust specifically for use in syndicated finance or other finance transactions where an overview of the nature and purpose of a security trust deed in multi-party lending transactions, including a description of the key provisions and an under the terms of the master trust deed, the chargor is authorised to enter into this deed to charge the trust assets to secure the due and punctual, security trustee, security trustee, universal law community trust, trustor definition.

security trust deed means the security trust deed dated the closing date between the issuer, the security trustee and others, together with any agreement for define security trust deeds. means the jade security trust deed and the jewel security trust deed. a deed of trust, or security deed, as it is known in some jurisdictions, is a form of mortgage. a borrower of money signs a promissory note, .

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