program partnership agreement

each of partner and shopify a “party”, and together the “parties”. “partner” or “you” means an individual or entity that has agreed to the terms of this agreement and participates in the shopify partner program. a “developer” is a partner who has registered for a partner account via the shopify developer program page and develops applications or themes to integrate with the service or places ads in the shopify app store. for the avoidance of doubt, the shopify billing api is deemed to be part of the shopify api, as defined in the shopify api terms. if partner is acting as an agent on behalf of a merchant, then partner will disclose to the merchant any fees that partner is entitled to receive from shopify in accordance with this agreement that are associated with such merchant. if taxes are not collected by shopify in respect of a partner transaction with a merchant facilitated by shopify, partner is responsible for determining if taxes are payable on such transaction, and if so, self-remitting taxes to the appropriate tax authorities. if a significant change is made to the partner program agreement, including any material change to fees, shopify will provide reasonable notice by email, posting a notice on the shopify blog or in the partner dashboard. the shopify creative will at all times be the sole and exclusive property of shopify and no rights of ownership will at any time vest with partner even in such instances where partner has been authorized by shopify to make changes or modifications to the shopify creative. both shopify and partner agree to use confidential information only to perform the obligations of the agreement. the relationship between a merchant and a partner is strictly between the merchant and the partner, and neither shopify or the shopify related entities are obligated to intervene in any dispute arising between the merchant and the partner. except with respect to the collection and transfer of payments, credits or refunds between merchants and partner, or as otherwise expressly stated in this agreement, neither shopify or any shopify related entity is an agent, representative or related entity of the partner. to submit a request for shopify’s consent to assignment or transfer, contact shopify partner support in the partner dashboard. partner acknowledges and agrees that partner is responsible for all of its service providers’ acts or omissions in relation to partner’s performance of the agreement, and any act or omission by partner’s service provider amounting to a breach of this agreement will be deemed to be a breach by partner. under the reference plan, a partner is entitled to a percentage of certain revenue received from such referred merchant, to be determined by shopify in its sole discretion, with shopify being entitled to the remaining percentage.

such notice will be provided by email, posting a notice on the shopify blog or in the partner dashboard. in the event of a dispute between the vap and the merchant, shopify is not obligated to intervene in any such dispute. all themes are subject to approval and acceptance by shopify and shopify retains the right to remove a select theme from the shopify theme store at any time and for any reason. all public applications are subject to approval and acceptance by shopify, and shopify retains the right to take any action it deems necessary in respect of a public application at any time for any reason. all app developers that create and issue charges to merchants for the merchant’s use of the developer’s application must use the shopify billing api unless otherwise agreed to by shopify in writing. the parties agree that the total amount of any processing fees incurred by shopify will be set-off against any fees payable to channel developer in the relevant payment period. payment will be made by payments developer to shopify within thirty (30) days following the date of invoice. it is the payments developer’s responsibility to install any updated version of the api as set forth in the shopify api versioning guidelines. all payments and order data received from transactions processed on the payments application must be automatically synced to shopify as specified in the payments platform developer guidelines. payments developer acknowledges that shopify may share a summary of how data is collected and shared by the payments application in our communications with shopify merchants. it is the expert’s responsibility to ensure that there is a merchant agreement in place between the expert and merchant for the services to be provided by the expert to the merchant, and that the merchant agreement includes appropriate remedies in the event of non-payment by merchant for services rendered by the expert, provided that any such remedy that includes the withholding of the transfer of ownership of the development store or merchant store to the merchant will be enforced by shopify at its sole discretion. expert is responsible for all applicable taxes that arise from or as a result of: (a) payment of fees from merchant to expert; and (b) the experts marketplace revenue share payable to shopify. the developer will provide a payment method to shopify and hereby authorizes shopify to automatically charge such payment method for ads purchased in compliance with this agreement. developer may only use the reporting and metrics provided by shopify to developer for the performance and management of this agreement and for its internal business purposes.

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