notarial deed

such powers shall be deemed to include the power to register notarial deeds of servitudes, cancellation of servitudes and amendment of servitudes. supplemental deed means a deed supplemental to this deed, executed by the management company and the trustee, after seeking approval of the secp, to modify, add to, alter and amend or amend and restate the provisions of this deed or any other supplemental deed in such manner and to such extent as may be considered expedient for all purposes, which shall be consolidated, read and construed together with this deed.

general assignment means, in respect of each vessel, the deed of assignment of its earnings, insurances and requisition compensation executed or to be executed by the relevant owner in favour of the security trustee in such form as the agent and the majority lenders may require in their sole discretion and in the plural means both of them; collateral assignment means, with respect to any contracts, the original instrument of collateral assignment of such contracts by the company, as seller, to the collateral agent, substantially in the form included in exhibit a hereto. ship mortgage means either the first preferred ship mortgage or first priority statutory mortgage and related deed of covenants, in each case, on each of the mortgaged vessels granted by a mortgaged vessel guarantor to the collateral trustee and dated on or before the issue date or a vessel tender date, as the case may be, as amended from time to time in accordance with the terms of this indenture and such ship mortgages, which in the case of (i) the greek ship mortgage shall be substantially in the form of exhibit f-1 hereto, (ii) the maltese ship mortgage shall be substantially in the form of exhibit f-2 hereto, (iii) the panamanian ship mortgage shall be substantially in the form of exhibit f-3 hereto and (iv) any other ship mortgage from time to time established under the terms of any other jurisdiction, including any ship mortgage in connection with the transfer or change of flag to a permitted flag jurisdiction, shall be substantially in the form of any of exhibits f-1, f-2 or f-3 hereto.

the need for a notarial deed is relatively common in both civil and business practice. the law requires the form of a notarial deed in cases of certain legal acts (most often contracts), notarial deeds are required for the certification of legally relevant facts, notarial deeds are also required to prove the decisions of the bodies of legal entities (most often companies). if you are looking for an independent notary, do not hesitate to contact us and we will arrange for you the making of a notarial deed according to your requirements. arrange with us tentative appointment with consultation, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and try to find solutions tailored to your needs.

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notarial act means an act, whether performed with respect to a tangible or electronic record, that a notarial officer may perform under the law of this state. law on notaries. a notarial deed is a document that is drawn up in each case when the preservation of a specific form of declaration of will is required by law to legally seal and finalize a sale, a notarial deed is required. such a deed will be executed before the office of the notary. both buyer and seller have, notary deed of sale, notary deed of sale, notarial act, notary meaning, notary public.

notarial deed means a deed attested by a notary public, and does not include a document a signature to which is merely authenticated by a notary public, or a copy of a document which has been certified as correct by a notary public; sample 1. a notarial deed is a public document drawn up by a notary and therefore it has a higher legal force than the ordinary document, since its authenticity and acknowledgments are taken from signers of documents such as deeds, contracts and powers of attorney. by signing the document the signer agrees to the terms it must protect the interest transferred to the grantee. notarization gives the deed a strong presumption of validity relative to other types of, apostille, power of attorney, what does a notary do?, where to find a notary public?.

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