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accessible format copy means a copy of a work in an alternative manner or form which gives a beneficiary person access to the work, including to permit the person to have access as feasibly and comfortably as a person without visual impairment or other print disability. electronic version/copy means a digital form consisting of text, images or both readable on computers or other electronic devices that includes all content that the original and hard copy proposals contain.

legal compliance this agreement and any transaction with, or payment to, you pursuant to the terms hereof is conditioned on your representation to us that, as of the date of this agreement you are, and at all times during its effectiveness you will be, a bank as defined in section 3(a)(6) of the securities exchange act of 1934 (or other financial institution) and not otherwise required to register as a broker or dealer under such act. confidential record means a record that is not available as a matter of right for examination and copying by members of the public under applicable provisions of law. abstract means a written or electronic summary of all matters of record affecting title to a specific parcel of real estate prepared in accordance with abstract minimum standards adopted by the division, provided however, that for nonpurchase transactions, “abstract” may also mean a written or electronic short-form summary setting forth the titleholders, liens, and encumbrances in accordance with guidelines adopted by the division.

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copy. a copy is a true transcript of an original writing. 2. copies cannot be given in evidence, unless proof is made that the originals, from which they certified copy is a duplicate of a primary document that is endorsed by a governmental or independent agency to guarantee its authenticity. serving the legal and corporate communities since 1960. home location home location. experience • quality • dependability. record copy services., what is a certified copy for passport, where to get certified copies near me, legal support, lcs records.

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