investor agreement for small business

as a business owner, the idea of accepting expertise and a big check from an outside investor can seem like a complete win for you and your business. as a small business owner, the difference to you between an equity investor and a debt security investor is that the equity investor only gets paid if you’re actually making a profit, whereas with the debt security with warrants investor, you’re paying that investor back monthly no matter what, regardless of whether your business is actually profitable. if, down the road, you decided to take on an additional investor, or sell new shares of the company at a discounted rate to employees or family and friends, then that investor’s total ownership percentage might fall below their 10 percent ownership.

as a middle ground on the “anti-dilution clause” you should be pushing for what’s called a “partial ratchet.” under this scenario, the outside investor would get to buy additional shares according to a weighted formula that is generally closer to the actual market price of the shares. outside investors want covenants in the agreement as part of their investment because they’re entrusting you to take their investment and run the business in a proper way, without actually being there to check on you on a daily basis. taking on an outside investor may seem like the sort of five minute negotiation you see on the shark tank, but in truth there are dozens of important legal clauses that you need to understand and negotiate before you can sign a deal.

it is the same as the humble beginnings of small businesses. a small business investment agreement is a document stating the details of an entity’s investment on a small-scale establishment or operations. according to the us small business administration, there are over 31.7 million small businesses in the country. according to the balance, there are several ways by which small business investments can earn. often in a small town, operating small businesses such as diners, convenience stores, coffee shops, and other establishments becomes a rendezvous of conversations and connections that lead to lasting bonds. think of the pride and the return that it will bring you when a tiny shop you’ve placed your trust in becomes a renowned business chain in the country. you also need to include the addresses of the parties and the date of the agreement.

it’s also important to stress out the agreement’s purpose by providing a clear description of the investment’s structure. it can be a capital investment or a loan that an entity gives to the business in exchange for a return with interest. your investment agreement should have a description of how the investor can reap their share. however, your agreement should contain not only the guarantee but also a caution. in large corporations, investors often have the right to make a vote on significant company decisions. according to the balance, the different types of investments for small businesses are equity investment and debt investment. our small business investment agreement template can help layout the terms of the process for a more manageable transaction.

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