exclusive tenant brokerage agreement

the negotiation of the brokerage agreement starts after the tenant identifies and decides to engage the broker. once negotiations are finalized, the broker should deliver the executed lease and make sure that the payments made from the tenant to the landlord are consistent with the provisions of the lease. the brokerage agreement should make clear that the broker is an independent entity and is not an agent of the tenant.

two additional items that the tenant should negotiate with the broker relate to the term of the brokerage agreement. in order to further protect the tenant, the brokerage agreement should provide that the broker will indemnify the tenant and limit the tenant’s damages under the agreement. set forth above are a few of the key items that a tenant should be aware of—and should negotiate—prior to signing a brokerage agreement in order to clarify the scope and length of the engagement of the broker and, hopefully, avoid unnecessary litigation.

signing an exclusive agreement with a tenant representation brokerage firm is a must in today’s tough and competitive commercial real estate market. the commercial real estate market is one of the most competitive markets in the world, and real estate firms prefer to work with only the most committed owners and tenants who are focused on long-term tenancy in a given property. in reality, one of the key reasons for engaging a full-service tenant representation brokerage is for the support and representation after finding a location.

most commercial real estate firms have a core business of representing landlords and this is a major conflict of interest to you, the tenant. that being said, the commercial real estate market is a test of patience; be aware that it can take months, sometimes 2-6 months for the site selection process alone, especially in today’s competitive market. signing an exclusive agreement with a tenant representation firm ensures you will remain a priority for both your broker and your commercial landlord.

the tenant agrees to work exclusively with the broker and agrees not to retain or utilize the services of any other real estate broker or to negotiate the brokerage agreement is usually the tenant’s first step in locating rentable space. by engaging the broker, the tenant outsources the broker shall promote the interests of tenant by: (a) performing the terms of the brokerage agreement; (b) seeking a lease at a price and terms acceptable to., room rental agreement, room rental agreement.

1. exclusive agreement. tenant hereby agrees to hire broker to act as tenant’s exclusive real estate broker to assist tenant in locating, and to the extent authorized elsewhere herein, negotiating the lease of real property on behalf of tenant. signing an exclusive agreement with a tenant representation firm ensures you will remain a priority for both your broker and your commercial tenant is retaining broker to acquire the following specific property or type of property: . 2. term: this agreement shall commence on and terminate at midnight why? it protects them against working on a client’s case for months, only to lose it to another broker. exclusive agreements also generally, .

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