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let’s cut right to the chase today: you need to be using a client service agreement anytime you work with a client. if you are a consultant, coach, or other service professional, it’s imperative that your clients know what to expect when working with you and what their responsibilities are in the transaction. a well-drafted client service agreement memorializes the basic terms of your relationship with your client. it’s definitely not enough to just have a statement of work or a handshake or a friendly conversation, because none of those will sufficiently cover your butt if things go south. your client service agreement should have the obvious stuff like the client’s name and contact information and a place for them to sign, the amount the client will pay you, and what exactly you will provide in exchange for that payment. you’ve likely worked long and hard creating content that you rely upon to guide your work with clients one-on-one or at retreats. so be sure to also cover how they can and cannot use the materials you provide.

sometimes business owners look at a client service agreement and ask, “do i really need all of that legalese at the end?” the answer is: hell, yeah, you do! these are standard clauses that are often found at the end of a contract to protect you if there is misunderstanding, confusion, or just plain trouble-at-the-ok-corral during the relationship with your client. the boilerplate clauses control what happens when the parties to the agreement disagree. get a load of this free legal cheat sheet for coaches or dive in with our legal nunchucks for coaches—the handy (and dandy) legal resource that tackles the top 10 mistakes coaches make in running their business (and how you can avoid them, duh). customized legal advice is not provided within this website or any of the resources available for sale. instead, small business bodyguard is a legal resource designed to make you aware of the key legal needs of your business and provide tools you can use to meet those needs. within the full-length legal resource available for purchase, we provide a directory of lawyers and pro bono legal service providers.

if you are a business professional such as a consultant, coach, or other types of service pro who offers valuable services to clients, you should have a client service agreement in place with each and every client with whom you work. rather than let these situations develop because you agreed to a working arrangement via handshake or an oral contract, work with a business lawyer in provo to create a full-proof client service agreement. as to what is a client service agreement, it is essentially a written contract between you and your clients or customers. now that you know some of the essentials that should be included within your client service agreement, it’s time to meet with your provo business litigation attorney to make sure it contains the specifics it needs.

in addition, work with your business litigation attorney provo knows has experience drafting such agreements so that it also includes such points as what happens should a client fail to show up for an appointment, how and when you will be paid, what happens if a payment is late, and how the relationship can be terminated by either you or your client. because of this, always work closely with your provo business lawyer to ensure your client service agreement also includes a section prohibiting your clients from using any handouts, worksheets, or other materials that are considered to be your intellectual property. finally, to make sure you have the legal protection you need when working with clients in these situations, never consider your client service agreement complete until your provo business attorney finishes it off with what is known as the boilerplate. should you neglect this aspect of your csa, you can be sure the time will come when a client will decide you violated your agreement and take you to court. to make sure you and your business are protected in every possible way when working with clients, always take the time to prepare a thorough and detailed client service agreement.

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