bmv power of attorney

the purpose of such paperwork is to allow someone other than the vehicle owner to apply for and receive a vehicle title on behalf of the owner. while this may seem limited in scope, it can be quite useful in situations where a vehicle is purchased and the new vehicle owner cannot clear his or her schedule to engage in such procedures but must still complete the titling process in a timely fashion. the initial task this form presents will be the identification of the agent or attorney-in-fact who will use principal’s vehicle owner authority (as if he or she were the principal) to make decisions, take action with, and operate the vehicle. use the first row in the table presented below the first statement to document the “last name,” “first name,” and “mi” (middle initial)” of the agent or attorney-in-fact.

the required language has been supplied after naming the agent, however, a table in the center of the page will call for the principal’s vehicle information. this table should be used to report on the vehicle’s “make,” “year,” and “serial number” (i.e. next, the principal vehicle owner will need to sign his or her name on the blank line labeled with the words “signature of person giving power of attorney.”  once this task is completed, he or she must physically enter his or her social security number on the line bearing the label “social security number of buyer/owner.”the principal signing must be notarized. an area at the bottom of this page has been reserved strictly for the use of the notary public.

authorizing someone to make a trip to the bmv in your stead and handle your vehicle-related issues requires a power of attorney document. we will also show you all possible ways to create other powers of attorney and recommend the most practical one! a bmv power of attorney can come in handy when the vehicle owner has to apply for the title or registration in due time but can’t manage to do it themselves. if you want to authorize someone to apply for a car title in your name, you must download an ohio bmv power of attorney form—otherwise known as the 3771 form. you can use a power of attorney for many purposes and in various situations. take a look at the brief descriptions of all powers of attorney you may need or want to create during your lifetime: creating any power of attorney is a complex task.

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the limited power of attorney form must be notarized to be valid. 4. the notary certificate may be notarized on the front of this form or by attaching a one and the same person affidavit – state form 13637 limited power of attorney – state form 1940 affidavit of ownership for a vehicle – state form a bmv power of attorney (poa) is a legal document that allows the vehicle owner (principal) to designate someone (an agent) to represent them before the bureau, ohio bmv forms, ohio bmv title forms, ohio bmv form 5736, ohio bmv cancel registration online.

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